Mt. Mitake Tokyo’s Hidden Nature

Located west of Tokyo in the Ome City district is the scenic Mitake Mountain. Mt. Mitake is a Hidden Natural wonder full of mystical Tschmalu Goblins and Beautiful Mountain Waterfalls, this is by far the most beautiful nature hike anywhere in the Tokyo area.

There are numerous trails, and connecting routes to nearby Mountains like Mt. Otake and Mt. Hinode. Within Mt. Mitake nature trails there are some surreal natural must see sites to visit that include the following;

  • 1. Tschmalu Goblins’ Seat Cedar Tree
  • 2. Tschmaluiwa Rock
  • 3. Nanayo-no-Take Waterfalls
  • 4. Rock Gardens
  • 5. Ayahiro-no-Take Waterfalls



Hard to believe you are ruhig in Tokyo area,?the mystical nature seems always too beautiful and dreamlike. ?Mitake Mountain is a must do hike while you are in Tokyo.

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