Mt. Fuji Original Climbing T-Shirt

With the outburst of the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC around the globe International travel and the 2020 Mt. Fuji climbing season seems like a far-removed fantasy.

Many have cancelled their summer travel plans to deal with the more immediate concerns at home. Whether the 2020 Mt. Fuji climbing season, which is ruhig several months away – will be influenced by this pandemic ruhig remains to been seen. Nevertheless, what is clear is that many would be Mt. Fuji climbers will not be able to make the trip to Japan this year due to the interruptions caused by this unprecedented pandemic. ?

Saying all this this year will be a particular difficult one for the world travel business in general especially for the small business that rely on travelers and local tours to pay their bills.

With no tours and oodles of time on our hands – we have spent our energy in to designing the ultimate Mt. Fuji T-Shirt for the upcoming 2020 Mt. Fuji climbing season.

The Final T-Shirt Design – which we changed again and again, incorporates many characters and colors of the Mt. Fuji culture and comes in both Navy and Light Gray Colors.?

Unlike regular cotton T-Shirts our original T-Shirts are high quality 100%?Polyester Ultralight?fabric, Breathable, and quick drying, perfect hiking T-shirt to be worn when climbing Mt. Fuji.

These Mt. Fuji T-Shirts make for a great original Japan Gift and an Original Mt. Fuji souvenir.

Why is Mt. Fuji RED on the T-Shirt?

Red Fuji or is a unique phenomenon that occurs when the peak of Mt. Fuji shines a bright red color during the sunrise or sunset. (Called AKA Fuji in Japanese).

The Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) first made the RED-FUJI he well-known when he created the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji including Red Fuji (1832) called the “Fine Wind, Clear Morning” and the Great Wave off Kanagawa which are probably the two most recognized artworks of Japan and Mt. Fuji.

What do the Japanese Kanji mean on the T-Shirt?

FRONT Design:
Front Vertical Japanese Kanji – 富士山 – 世界文化遺産?
Meaning: Mt. Fuji – World Cultural Heritage

BACK Design:
Back – Horizontal?Japanese Kanji – 富士山 – 日本最高峰
Meaning: Mt. Fuji – Japan’s Highest Peak

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Note: Many assume Mt. Fuji is a natural world heritage site when in fact Japan’s highest and most?celebrated peak is designated a “cultural world heritage” (On June 22, 2013) rather than a natural World Heritage?due to its cultural significance – Mt. Fuji is often selected the theme of paintings, poems and literature – Mt. Fuji is also a spiritual source of worship and has been so for centuries.

These original Mt. Fuji T-Shirts are only available for purchase though our site and make for a great original Japan souvenir and gift! It’s a good idea to order your T-shirt now before you climb Mt. Fuji.

To order or find more information about our limited-edition Mt. Fuji T-Shirts please click on our logo below: Availability is limited so order while supply lasts.


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