Mt. Fuji Climbing Point Access

Getting to Mt. Fuji:

Numerous first timers to Japan often make the same mistake, assuming Mt. Fuji is easily accessible, when in fact most do not understand the vast area Mt. Fuji actually covers and often fail to plan accordingly. The Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is 1,227 square kilometers, larger than both the area of Singapore or Hong Kong.

There are four distinctive climbing routes on Mt. Fuji and several different ways to access these Mt. Fuji climbing routes. For the purpose of climbing Mt. Fuji, there are three Key Access Points:

1.North Mt. Fuji?– Kawaguchi Lake Station Access Point:
– You get can to here by Bus or Local JR Train
– From Kawaguchi Lake Station, there are regular buses to the Yoshida Trail 5th Station

2. East Mt. Fuji?– Gotemba Station Access Point:
– You can get here by Romance car or local JR train or Bus.
– From Gotemba Station there are climbing buses to the Gotemba and Fujinomiya 5th stations

3. South Mt. Fuji?– Shin-Fuji Station Access Point
– This is the only area on Mt. Fuji you can access by bullet Train
– You can get there by Bullet Train from Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama and Hakone (Odawara)
– From Shin-Fuji Station there are climbing buses to the Fujinomiya 5th station (Summer Only)

Using the South Access Point: There are Bullet Train Climbs available during the summer climb season.
Mt. Fuji Bullet Train Climbs?

?Climbing Mt. Fuji is hard enough without having to wait in traffic, the journey to or from Mt. Fuji from Tokyo can take up to 3hrs in peak summer traffic. On the other hand, the super-fast bullet train only takes 50 mins and there is never any traffic. Relax in the perfectly spotless, comfortable bullet train after your Mt. Fuji climb. Your special transport will meet you at the Mt. Fuji bullet train station and take you direct to Mt. Fuji 5th station, after your climb adventure your transport will return you to the Mt. Fuji bullet train station so you can continue your journey of exploring Japan.???

Tour Notes:
* Mt. Fuji climbs are available?from May to Oct:
* For more information on Mt. Fuji Climbs please?Contact Us:


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