Mt. Fuji Fatigue Recovery Treatment

As most visitors who come to Japan,?want to maximize their time while exploring Japan and see as much as possible in the limited time they have in Japan.

One unexpected outcome of climbing Mt. Fuji that many forget to take into consideration is the time is takes your body to recover after climbing. Normally, it can take anywhere from 1 ~ 5 days for your body to fully recover from fatigue and muscle soreness after climbing Mt. Fuji, depending on your condition. Simply, this is time that most travelers did not take into consideration while planning their trip.

In an effort to help you recover faster and enjoy more of your time in Japan, we recommend the following Special Mt. Fuji Fatigue Recovery Treatment:

Enjoy a 30-minute Fuji Fatigue Recover Treatment;

This special recovery treatment includes an oxygen bar saloon aromatherapy which helps you regain oxygen levels and lactic acid in your blood that causes fatigue. While breathing in 90% oxygen to restore to oxygen blood levels, rest your feet in a Foot Bath for 10 minutes followed by a relaxing 20-minute reflexology foot massage:

After this 30 minutes’ recovery treatment, you will feel refreshed, new and ready to continue on your Japan adventure:

The 90% Oxygen bar will decompose lactic acid in the blood that causes fatigue.?It is also recommended to eliminate swelling. Oxygen will spreads to the red blood cell, cellular metabolism increases and maintains fresh luster and firm skin.
Aroma is “fragrance” · Therapy means “treatment”.? It will make you relaxed and refresh by relaxing your mind and body by smelling scent.? Essential oil used in aromatherapy (speisential oil) is a volatile rich liquid with 100% pure aroma taken from plants.

Reflexology, relieves stress, brings deep relaxation, improves flow of blood and lymph, encourages excretion of body waste?it also balances the mind and body, increases the natural healing power of the whole body, has the effect of raising immunity power and energy.

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    Looks great! Please show the prices and location of the O2 bar and massage place

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