Top 10 Spots to View Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

In Tokyo there are numerous picturesque Japanese style gardens and parks that are sufficiently stunning all on their own, however when you cover these with attractive pink cherry blossoms it takes it to a whole new level. In the spring there is an explosion of color with the arrival of the cherry blossoms. The annual cherry blossom display is guaranteed to dazzle your senses.

Please see our list of the top 10 places to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo below:

1# Ueno Park – (Free) Also the most popular place to view Cherry blossoms in Tokyo and with over 1000 trees at its peak in early April is actually seems like it is snowing with cherry blossom at times.

2# Shinjuku Gyoen – (?200) There is a fee to enter the park, however with the large area it is one of the quiet and peaceful parks in Tokyo.

3# Inokashira Park – (Free) Located near Kichioji (West Tokyo) ?the park is centered around a large pond, which offer boat rentals in oder to view the cherry blossom from the water.

4# Koishikawa Botanical Gardens & Korakuen – (?300) – Koishikawa Korakuen is one of Tokyo’s oldest and most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens. Popular for its Large weeping Cherry Trees which line the park.

5# Chidorigafuchi Koen – ?(Free) located near Yasukini Shrine, the cherry trees line the moats around the former Edo castle.

6# Sumida River Park – ?(Free) Hundreds of trees line both sides of the Sumida River, best viewed by river cruise at nights as the trees are lit up by colorful lights.

7# Hama-Rikyu Garden ?– (?300) Located alongside Tokyo Bay, with a Seawater ponds.?The garden of a feudal lord’s residence during the Edo Period, is one of Tokyo’s most attractive landscape gardens.

8# Meiji Shrine/ Yoyogi Park – (Free) Over 600 cherry trees, offering pleasant picnic opportunities. A few food stands are available. The park gets closed during the night.

9# Rikugien Garden – ?(?300) A huge Traditional Japanese sty;e garden with a central pond, islands, forested areas, man made hills and several teahouses. In the Spring time the large weeping cherry blossoms are lit up at night with gorgeous lighting.

10# Happo-en Gardens – (Free) Located in Tokyo’s fashionable Shirokanedai district, Happo-en whose name means Garden of eight views has maintained the natural beauty of Edo thru the centuries, in the spring time the entire gardens are covered with cherry blossoms.

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